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PBZ-500 capacitor charging power supply


  • Capacitor charging for industrial pulsed energy systems


  • Input voltage 48 V DC
  • 700 W output power for partial discharge
  • 500 J/s output power for complete discharge
  • Up to 4000 V output voltage
  • Up to 85% efficiency

Download user manual (0.7Mb)

PBZ-500 capacitor charging module is a high-frequency switch-mode modern and effective converter, which transforms low-voltage DC input to regulated high voltage DC output to charge capacitors. It was developed as a power supply for industrial and laboratory applications for the use in pumping systems of flashlamp-pumped solid-state laser devices and other capacitor charging applications. Compact and lightweight, it is suitable also for portable applications. Since the base modification does not feed from mains, it does not need individual certificates of compliance to medical standards, in case you want to use it in medical system, but it is possible to certify it as a part of your system.

Output power is up to 700 W for modifications with partial discharge (PD) and up to 500 J/s for modifications with complete discharge (CD). Maximum output voltage is customer defined at the moment of order in range from 300 V up to 4000 V. During operation an output voltage level can be chosen in working range (0 V - Vmax) by user, applying a DC voltage between the respective pins.

The actual output power is derated when:
- operating voltage is lower than 70% of Vmax (partial discharge modifications)
- operating voltage is lower than Vmax (complete discharge modifications)
- ambient temperature is higher than 25 °C
- input voltage is below minimum rated voltage

We would recommend to pick Vmax as close as possible to your operating voltage in order to utilize completely the output power of the device.


48 V DC
Input current
< 18 A


Output polarity
positive by default (negative polarity, floating and bipolar outputs are available on request)
Maximum output voltage
300/500/700/1000/2000/4000 V standard modifications
partial discharge modification,
complete discharge modification
Nominal output power
700 W for partial discharge modifications
500 J/s for complete discharge modifications
< 0.5%
Voltage ripple/hysteresis
< 0.5%
> 85%


from overheating
from overvoltage


integrated fans
Operation temperature
+10 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
198x107x61,5 mm
< 1.0 kg

Many parameters of the power supply can be taylored to your needs. Some of them are listed below:

  • output voltage incl. non-standard
  • output polarity
  • optimization for complete discharge, partial discharge or other custom regime
  • reduced or bursted output power
  • interfaces (calibraton, logic)
  • type and location of connectors
  • cables
  • it is possible to develop a bench-top version of PBZ-500 with 100-240 V AC input upon request.

PBZ-[BT]-500-XXXX-YY-Z, where:

  • BT means bench-top version (option)
  • XXXX means maximum output voltage – user selectable from 300 V to 4000 V (300 V, 500 V, 700 V, 1000 V, 2000 V, 4000 V are the most standard modifications)
  • YY means discharge type modification – CD for complete discharge modification, PD for partial discharge modification; if YY is not specified PD modification will be supplied
  • Z means output polarity – P for positive, N for negative, F for floating output, B for bipolar output (three leads output). By default modifications with positive output are supplied


Embedded version,
48 V DC input
Maximum output voltage 500 V
Partial discharge modification
Maximum output power 700 W
Positive output polarity
Embedded version,
48 V DC input
Maximum output voltage 4 kV
Complete discharge modification
Maximum output power 500 J/s
Negative output polarity

Download user manual (0.7Mb)