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FLD-mini flashlamp driver


  • Nd:YAG pumping and similar applications


  • 24 (48) V DC input
  • Maximum output power – 300 W (up to 700 W)
  • Maximum output voltage – 450 V
    (optional 350/500/700 V)
  • Embedded 2 mF capacitor bank
    (or less, model dependent)
  • Flashlamp trigger and simmer circuits
  • RS-232 machine interface (RS-485 on request)

Download user manual (1Mb)

FLD-mini is a miniature all-in-one flashlamp driver, specially designed to control flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers, like Nd:YAG. It forms quasi-rectangular pulses on a flashlamp (using energy stored in internal capacitor bank) and provides simmer current during the interval between pulses. Module includes IGBT, its driver, protective circuits, simmer and trigger circuits, discharge resistors and controls. It also contains a fan for active cooling.

Two different operating modes are possible:

  • internal synchronisation mode, when the flashlamp operating frequency and pulse duration, as well as output voltage level can be programmed in working range by user through RS-232 (RS-485 is available on request);
  • external synchronisation mode, when pulse duration, as well as output voltage level can be programmed by user through RS-232, but an external pulse generator sets operating frequency of the flashlamp.
  • The module requires +24 (48) V DC power supply for operating.

    Simple PC software is supplied with the FLD-mini.

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Instead of 300W flashlamp driver, we have other offers:


+24 (48) V DC
Current consumption
< 17 A

Pulse parameters:

Max. voltage
450 V (350/500/700 V on request)
Max. discharge current
500 A
Max. average power
300 W (up to 700 W)
Pulse width
50-1000 us
Rep. rate
1-30 Hz

Simmer parameters:

Simmer current
500 mA (100-800 mA on request)
Max. output voltage
300 V
Max. output power
100 W
Open circuit voltage
1500 V

Flashlamp triggering parameters:

Triggering method
series triggering with built-in transformer (external triggering or both on request)
Pulse energy / trigger voltage
~ 160 mJ / 10 kV negative to L– (other on request)
Trigger pulse width
~ 1 us
Restrike rate
a few Hertz (automatically adjusted)


forced air (with built-in fan)
from overheating of internal components
Operation temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
217x144x115 mm
~ 2 kg

By default FLD-mini is supplied with the next parameters:

  • 24 V DC input
  • Maximum output power – 300 W
  • Maximum output voltage – 450 V
  • Embedded 2 mF capacitor bank
  • Serial triggering
  • RS-232 machine interface

List of all possible parameters:

Input voltage
- 24 V DC
- 48 V DC
Maximum output voltage
- 350 V (embedded capacitor bank 2.7 mF)
- 450 V (embedded capacitor bank 2.0 mF)
- 500 V (embedded capacitor bank 1.5 mF)
- 700 V (embedded capacitor bank 0.7 mF)
Maximum output power
With 24 V DC input:
- 200 W
- 300 W
- 400 W
With 48 V DC input:
- 500 W
- 700 W
- Serial
- External
- Both serial and external
- RS-232
- RS-485

Download user manual for FLD-mini flashlamp driver (1Mb)