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SDC-50A diode controller


  • Nd:YAG pumping (e.g. microchip Nd:YAG and others)


  • Input – 12-15 V DC
  • Output current – up to 50 A
  • Compliance voltage – 4-6 V (in dependence on input voltage)
  • Pulse width – up to 500 us
  • Repetition rate – up to 50 Hz
  • Risetime/falltime – < 25 us / 15 us respectively
  • There is a powerful Peltier controller onboard

Download user manual (0.6MB)

SDC-50A is a pulsed diode driver, a fast-switching, low-noise, accurate and efficient current source. It was developed, first of all, for diode pumping of microchip Nd:YAG and similar lasers.

Module can be controlled either digitally via RS-485 interface or manually using jumpers and trimpots.

SDC-50A has two control modes:

  • RS-485 mode – requires the active RS-485 connection, and all the controls are performed by commands sent via RS-485 interface.
  • Stand-Alone mode – doesn’t require the active RS-485 connection, and SDC-50A starts the operations immediately after the power is applied to the board.
    • The module could be synchronized internally, when pulses are generated according to the internal clock, or externally, with fixed pulse width or with pulse width equal to synchronization signal duration.

      Output current is pulsed only.

      An onboard powerful Peltier controller allows to connect a TEC for laser diode thermostabilization during operation.


12-15 V DC

Laser diode output:

Maximal output current
Up to 50 A
Maximal output voltage
4-6 V with 12-15 V input respectively
Regime of operations
Pulsed only
Pulse width
Up to 500 us (other on request)
Repetition rate
Up to 50 Hz (other on request)
Risetime / falltime
< 25 us / 15 us correspondingly
< 1%
< 1%

TEC output:

Max. current / voltage
> 5 A / 10 V
Temperature range
+10 … +40 °C
Accuracy / stability
0.1 °C
Feedback loop
NTC 10 kOhm


Operating temperature
+10 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
95x75x30 mm
0.1 kg

Download user manual (0.6MB)