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HVSW-03 Pockels cell driver


  • Pulse picking
  • Cavity dumping
  • Regenerative amplifier control


  • Up to 2.0 kV output voltage
  • Up to 1 MHz repetition rate (at 1.6 kV voltage)
  • 5-8 ns rise time and fall time
  • Two possible operating modes: short pulse (10-15 ns, fixed width) and long pulse (100-2000 ns, adjustable width)
  • Integrated high voltage power supply
  • Compact (as small as 170x60x32 mm)

Download user manual (860Kb)

HVSW-03 is a dedicated high voltage high repetition rate Pockels cell driver for pico- and femtosecond lasers. It represents a combination of two fast drivers (based on MOSFET technology) in a full-bridge schema, the primary use is for extracting single pulses from a pulse train.


Using the driver one chooses between two operation modes:

  • fixed width short pulses (about 10-15 ns), triggered by a leading edge of an external TTL.
  • variable width long pulses (adjusted in range of 100-2000 ns typically, other on request), when a leading edge of an external TTL signal cause rise of pulse, and a trailing edge cause pulse fall.

The maximum output voltage is 2 kV bipolar, the maximum repetition rate is up to 1-2 MHz (in dependence on output voltage, cooling conditions and device modification). Driver’s bottom surface is a heat dissipating area for cooling the device, so we recommend using either a massive chassis, a heat sink or a cold plate to attach the driver.

The driver requires +24 V DC power supply and a pulse generator to set an operating frequency and pulse width (in variable pulse width mode). There is no need for a separate DC high voltage source. An output voltage level is set by user using an analogue interface or base interface RS-485 and provided PC software.



+24 V DC
Current consumption
< 6 A


Working modes
short pulses (typ. 15 ns, fixed)
long pulses (typ. 100-2000 ns, adjustable)
regulated, up to 2 kV 1
Pulse width
15 ns fixed (in short pulse mode)
100 ns - 2000 ns adjustable (in long pulse mode)
Repetition rate
up to 1 MHz 1 (at 1.5 kV voltage),
up to 2 MHz for HF version
Rise time
5-7 ns 2
Fall time
5-7 ns 2
+/- 250 ps
Delay time
< 50 ns
Load capacitance
typ. 5-7 pF 1


Operation temperature
+10 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
162x60x32 mm
< 0.5 kg
1) these parameters aren't indepenent and cannot achieve their maximum at the same time
2) 10-90% level, guaranteed at load capacitance 5-7 pF and below


  • Up to 2.0 kV output voltage
  • Up to 1 MHz repetition rate
  • 5-7 ns rise / fall time
  • Up to 2.0 kV output voltage
  • Up to 2 MHz repetition rate
  • 6-8 ns rise / fall time

Download user manual (860Kb)