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PDD-1000 pulsed diode driver


  • Hair removal with direct diodes


  • DC input
  • Peak output power up to 10 kW
  • Average output power up to 1000 W
  • Output current up to 200 A
  • Compliance voltage up to 200 V
  • Forced-air cooling with integrated fans
  • 2-year guarantee

Download user manual (0.5MB)

PDD-1000 is a series of high-power pulsed diode drivers, which are fast-switching, low-noise, accurate and efficient current sources for laser diodes. It was developed, first of all, for medical and medical aesthetic treatments, namely, for hair removal applications.

PDD-1000 has averaged output power up to 1000 W and maximum peak output power up to 10 kW (depending on user defined Imax and Vmax).

The input voltage is DC (supposing the driver is powered from the buffer capacitor bank included in system). Such the composition also allows to use both flashlamp and diode applicators in the same hair removal system simultaneously.

Pulsed diode driver for hair removal

Pulsed diode driver for hair removal

The modules also require +24 V DC power supply to feed interface circuits.

Several variants of PDD-1000 are offered with different maximum output voltage level (Vmax), selected at the moment of order. Default value is 50 V. Higher output voltages up to 200 V are available on request. We would recommend to pick Vmax as close as possible to your diodes operating voltage in order to provide the optimal working mode of the device.

During operation an output current level could be set up in a working range (0 A ‑ Imax) by user, applying a DC voltage to the respective pin. Since the driver was specially designed to be integrated into secondary circuits of hair removal systems, it does not need individual certificates of compliance to medical standards, although it fully corresponds to. So PDD 1000 can be used in medical systems without any modifications, any additional filtration or additional means of protection.

High reliability and efficiency, easy to integrate OEM design and customized parameters for tailored solutions make PDD-1000 series an attractive product on the market.


Power input
300 V DC by default, other on request
Low voltage input
24 V DC, 1 A max.


Maximum average power
1000 W
Maximum current ( I max )
selectable up to 200 A
Maximum voltage ( U max )
selectable up to 200 V
Maximum peak power ( W max )
10 kW
Rise / fall time
< 1 ms (10% to 90% full current),
< 500 μs on request
Current regulation accuracy
< 1% of I max
Current value error
< 1% of I max
Current overshoot
< 1% of I max
> 80%


10 pin Molex C-Grid connector
Current program
analog, 0-10V


Operating temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
255x172x82 mm
2.2 kg

Download user manual (0.5MB)