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Medical power supplies combined from modules by OEM Tech

Certified Electronics from OEM Tech

One of our key business areas is the design and manufacture of electronic modules for medical power supplies for aesthetic devices and for surgery lasers. This means high quality standards and the possibility of module certification – tens of our products along or as a part of complete system have already been certified for compliance with medical standards IEC 60601-1:2005/AMD1:2012 for electrical safety and IEC 60601-1-2:2014 for EMC, including charging modules and diode drivers for hair removal systems. Several modules are meet all the requirements of the standards and could be certified on request.

Flexible Medical Power Supplies

We provide a full range of modules for creating laser system power supply, including laser diode drivers, capacitor banks, chargers, discharge circuits, Q-switch drivers and a controller board.

Flashlamp Pumped Laser Power Supply

… For surgery or beauty SSL systems up to 8 kW. Develop and launch your laser (e.g. Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, CTH:YAG, Alexandrite) or IPL system easily with our flexible module set (download list of set examples):


Medical power supplies combined from OEM Tech modules


Diode Pumped Laser or Direct Diodes Medical Power Supply

We supply our electronic modules in large quantities for Diode Laser Beauty Machines (hair removal systems) up to 10 kW peak output, suitable also for 8 cm2 or larger spot sizes.
An interesting idea currently under development is the medical power supply for Tulium fibre laser pumped by laser diodes.


Laser Diode Driver PDD-1600 for hair removal - OEM Tech


Medical power supplies on a base OEM Tech Modules Serve In:


  • hair removal systems
  • tattoo removal systems
  • IPL treatment as a cosmetic procedure
  • transcranial pulse machines for medical physiotherapy procedures
  • needle-free injection systems
  • UV pulsed room air sanitizers
  • muscle stimulation and massage apparatus
  • dental Er:YAG laser
  • phototherapy apparatus for ophthalmology
  • various types of lasers for surgery
  • betatrons, high-energy X-rays source for cancer therapy

RF Generator Modules

Our latest development in 2024 are RF generators suitable for RF lifting systems (from 50 W, 1 MHz).


RF generator module 1 Mhz


4, 6.78, 13.56 and 40.68 MHz RF generators have been presented before and found their application in physiotherapy and beauty procedures.
RF power supply, High frequency power supply, HF power supply, RF generator module, radio-frequency generator medium power


Ask Us About Medical Power Supplies for Your System!

An important part of our work is to discuss and consult with our customers. We are always ready to talk about our capabilities and expertise. We have our own design team which allows us to tailor modules to a specific task.