Now we have a good experience in working at the market of specialized power supplies. We have developed tens of modules, serial and for individual projects. We have certified several devices for medical use. Recently we have implemented a new product line in response to our customer requests – radio-frequency (RF) power modules. We continue to grow and improve, always ready to dialog with new customers or colleagues.

2022 – our headquarters and production facilities have relocated to Poland

2019 – OEM Tech becomes a resident-company of Hi-Tech Park (Belarus)

2017 – the first formal certificate of conformity to EN 60601-1 has been received (for PCA-10 capacitor charging power supply)

2016 – global certification program has been started

2015 – our quality assurance system gets ISO 9001 certified

2014 – mass production of medical-grade capacitor charging power supplies has been started

2013 – company enters very important Israely market

2012 – sales office in Jena, Germany is established (closed afterwards)

2011 – company introduces the first generation of high voltage high repetition rate switches for pulse picking applications

2010 – company enters its first export market, namely S.Korean

2009 – main product lines (capacitor charging power supplies, laser diode drivers, general purpose Pockels cell drivers) are introduced

2008 – company is established in Minsk, Belarus