The first step is a contact. If you have any questions or ideas, or want to buy any product, presented on our website, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

The next stage is a determination of the essential parameters of product you need, either it is a mass product or customized one. Based on many years of engineering experience we provide qualified professional consultations helping you to find the suitable device.

First sample
For standard modules the waiting time to obtain your first sample is from several days to several weeks. For customized and individually designed products the production lead time could increase up to several months (normally 3-6) to receive working samples or prototypes. We value your time and make all possible steps to ensure the most effective manufacturing and R&D processes.

After that you integrate the obtained product into your device, test and validate the parameters. And we are in touch with you, ready to answer any question or correct any possible failing.

If your device should be certified, there are a number of possible options:
– you can choose one of our already certified standard products,
– if you need a non-standard or not yet certified item, you can either carry out the certification process by yourself, testing our module as a part of your system, or we could certify it on demand, but it takes additional time. Factory

Finally, the mass production could start, within the time we confidently supply our customers with reliable high-quality devices at competitive prices.