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EO Modulator drivers

Special electro-optical modulator drivers are high voltage single channel signal amplifiers, which allow to obtain adjustable output signal form and level. These precise high voltage power supplies are optimized for capacitive load. An output high-voltage pulse form is set by input signal which size is amplified with 100:1 factor (base model of QBX-08). Such waveform amplifiers could be used as general purpose power amplifiers for any high voltage wide band applications, for example, to drive MEMS micro-engine, despite that they were constructed to drive a Pockels cell. Different customizations are possible, please, don't hesitate to ask us.

Modules require +24 V DC power supply and waveform generator to set an operating voltage and signal form.

QBX-08 - Arbitrary waveform Pockels cell driver
QBX-08 - Arbitrary waveform Pockels cell driver

QBX-08 is a dedicated Pockels cell driver designed for applications where voltage on the Pockels cell should be continuously adjustable. It is essentially an amplifier, which could serve as an electro-optical modulator, being connected to a Pockels cell. Features:

  • Arbitrary waveform
  • High output voltage - up to 800 V (1600 V on request)
  • High frequency - over 50 kHz at full voltage and 60 pF, up to 1 MHz at smaller voltages and loads
  • Fast transitions - <1 μs (full slope)

Applications: electro-optics (light modulation, beam deflection, beam steering), actuators (piezo, MEMS), ultrasonic devices