Capacitor charging

A capacitor charger or capacitor charging power supply is a part of pulse power system. It provides controllable high voltage DC output to charge capacitors in order to store electrical energy in a system over a long time. Later the energy could be released over a short time, a huge amount of peak power can be delivered to a load. Such a technology is widely used in flashlamp pumped laser systems and Intense Pulsed Light systems (IPL), but not only.

OEM Tech has designed and produces several lines of high voltage capacitor chargers with different parameters: output power up to 4 kW, output voltages up to 4 kV, partial or complete discharge, 24(48)V DC or mains input voltage, compact dimensions. Capacitor chargers are suitable for industrial usage and certified for medical systems, modules with active PFC.

Our chargers come with plenty of control options, making it easy to adjust the charging process. We prioritize safety by incorporating protective features such as overvoltage, short circuit and open circuit protections, and thermal protection system. Please, take a look at comparison table for our models.

Besides high voltage capacitor chargers, we propose several ready-to-use solutions for powering definite laser systems on a base of our products, e.g. for Holmium lasers for surgery (Ho:YAG, CTH:YAG), Alexandrite, Nd:YAG and KTP for aesthetics, etc. (see more detailed information on a FLD-KIT developer kit page, section Options).

And we also offer plenty of options and customization of existing products.

What's special about the capacitor charger as a power supply?

High voltage capacitor chargers are DC power supplies, designed to operate with a variable load resistance of the capacitor that is being charged. To prevent damage to the power supply and the load, the output current of the capacitor charging source is limited. For a high quality charging module, the requirement to limit the amount of voltage ripple in the load is met and a PFС module is integrated.