Flashlamp driving

High-intensity flash lamps are used to excite solid-state laser active medium. To control the light pulses a high-energy current pulses power supply is needed. The electrical current waveforms quality directly correlates to the laser output.
The other technology is intense pulse light (IPL), which is widely used in aesthetic and therapeutic skin treatments. The IPL lams also required a precise power source of current.
OEM Tech suggests IGBT-based discharge circuits to form pulses on a lamp and provide simmer current during the interval between pulses, as well as separate simmer boards or complete solutions (for 19-inch rack or embedded).
Besides that, we have developed several all-in-one sets for definite flash lamp driving tasks on a base of our modules:

Holmium lasers for surgery (Ho:YAG, CTH:YAG)
Alexandrite, long pulse Nd:YAG, long pulse KTP laser systems for aesthetics
Nanosecond (q-switched) and Picosecond Nd:YAG laser systems for tatoo removal
Er:YAG laser system for dermatology
IPL machines (for example, high power free-discharge based system, dual-channel (PWM and free discharge) system with the possibility of truly rectangular long pulses)

IPL / laser / RF machines with handheld applicators (low-power low-voltage)
IPL / laser / diode machine with handheld applicators (medium power)

(see more detailed information on a FLD-KIT developer kit page, section Options).
For figuring out pulse energy to the lamp, peak current, voltage on a lamp at the end of pulse, please, referr to our calculator page