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NBU-0808 discharge circuit


  • Discharge circuit for flashlamp operation


  • Flashlamp voltage - up to 800 V (1000V on request)
  • Flashlamp current - up to 1000 A
  • Includes a built-in simmer supply module and all necessary flashlamp trigger circuits

Download user manual (1MB)

The NBU-0808 discharge circuit is designed for simplification of solid-state laser systems development. The module forms quasi-rectangular pulses on a flashlamp using energy stored in external capacitors bank and provides simmer current during the interval between pulses. By default, NBU-0808 includes capabilities both for serial and external triggering.

The flashlamp operating frequency and pulse duration is to be varied by +5 V TTL signal from an external control device to the respective pin.

The NBU-0808 discharge circuit is a bit simplified and less power module than the NBU-1012, but it has more attractive price. The module includes IGBT, its driver, protective circuits, simmer and trigger circuits and controls. It also contains a fan for active cooling. The module doesn’t include embedded discharge resistors, although includes all the necessary circuits to control them. Discharge resistor assemblies of different size and resistance can be purchased as accessories by us.

Let us emphasize, NBU-0808 is not a stand-alone solution. For proper operation it requires capacitor charging power supply and capacitor bank, an external control device to form the pulses, external +24 V DC power supply, as well as some minor parts (see also the picture below).

nbu-0808 discharge circuit connections.png

Simplified as well as more complicated modifications are available on request.

Low voltage input:

+24 V DC
Maximum current consumption
5 A max, up to 10 A peak

Pulse parameters:

Max. voltage
800 V (up to 1000V on request)
Max. discharge current
(depends on flashlamp impedance K0)
1000 A for pulse width < 1 ms
500 A for pulse width > 1 ms (other on request)
Flashlamp pulse width,
min / max
accordingly to PWF:Pulse signal
Max. rep. rate
100 Hz (up to 200 Hz on request)

Simmer parameters:

400 mA by default,
200-500 mA on request
Output voltage
up to 300 V
Max. output power
100 W
Open circuit voltage
about 1500 V

Triggering parameters:

Pulse width
~1 us
Restrike rate
a few Hz (automatically adjusted)

External triggering:

Pulse energy / trigger voltage
~20 mJ / 350 V /  to EXT connector
(other on request)
Trigger transformer
external transformer (purchased separately). Recommended p/n ZS1324-24V LUL1(H) by Excelitas Technologies (Digikey p/n ZS1324-24VLUL1(H)-ND )

Serial triggering:

Pulse energy / trigger voltage
~160 mJ / 10 kV /  negative to L-
(other on request)
Trigger transformer
integrated transformer


from overheating of internal components


forced air cooling with built-in fan
Operation temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
218x174x60 mm
2.0 kg
    On request the next options are available:
  • Integrated current sensor
  • High power / current / voltage IGBT with extended parameters
  • Low power / current / voltage IGBT with reduced cost
  • Digital RS-232 / RS-485 interface
  • Modified cables and connectors
  • Modified simmer and / or trigger parameters


NBU-0808 discharge circuit with capability of both serial and external flashlamp triggering


NBU-0808 discharge circuit with capability of both serial and external flashlamp triggering

Download user manual (1MB)