Pockels cell drivers

A Pockels cell driver is a high-voltage regulated power supply, either pulse or continuous, allowing to control a birefringence of an electro-optical crystal (KTP, KD*P, BBO, etc.) in order to drive the polarization direction of the light propagating through the crystal.

OEM Tech has developed and produces a variety of Pockels cell drivers for different applications: from very simple compact devices for q-switching to precise and powerful fast models for pulse picking, cavity damping, regenerative amplifier control, etc. The devices have different voltage operating region, max. repetition rate, pulse form. It is also possible to choose between PCB items (+24 V DC input) and encased variant for laboratory (100-240 V AC input). For more detailed information, please refer to our selection guide (PDF, 2 MB).

For pulse picking and regenerative amplifier control tasks we are pleased to suggest PP-KIT pulse picker developer kit, a set of devices easy-to-integrate into your system. Otherwise, please, regard fast (1-3 ns rise) QBU-nano for regenerative amplifier control and HVSW-03 or HVSW-04 high repetition rate full bridge Pockel cell drivers.

Recently developed fast switching (3-4 ns) drivers on GaN transistors also could be useful, please, visit laboratory QBY-BT and PCB’s QBY-4001 and QBY-4010 for more details.

For battery powered equipment we have a Pockels cell driver with an extremely low power consumption – 10W QBY

We’ve been partnering with pockels cell manufacturers for a long time and could advise you also a cell for your system.

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