Diode driving

High-current diode driving products for laser diode stacks for direct applications and laser pumping.

Laser diodes are very demanding to the operating temperature and power current stability in order to provide stable radiation output.

Taking this into account, OEM Tech has designed a number of high-power laser diode drivers, principally for laser diode stacks.

The AC/DC pulsed diode drivers / power converters of PDD-series were specially developed for medical and medical aesthetic treatments, e.g. for hair removal with direct diodes. The drivers are medical certified.
The low voltage DC input PDD-1000 converter allows to use both flashlamp and diode applicators in the same hair removal system simultaneously.
The short-pulse diode driver SDC-50A for microchip Nd:YAG pumping
The AC/DC high-power diode drivers / power converters of LDD-series provide up to 100 A current by pulses or in continuous form.

Drivers of PDD and LDD series are using PWM technique to control heating.

Some of drivers are already certified, the others could be on demand.