Please, use point (.) as a decimal separator instead of comma (,)
Flashlamp impedance (calculate it here)
Ko Ohm A1/2
Capacitor bank capacitance
Pulse duration
t s
Capacitor charger output voltage
Uo V
Pulse energy E: J
Peak current Ipeak: A
Voltage at the end of pulse Ueop: V
Flashlamp voltage dynamics during discharge

A power supply for flash lamp (flashlamp, gas discharge lamp) consists of a high-voltage DC charging supply (for example, PCA-series), an energy-storage capacitor bank (CB-series or other), a discharge circuit (for ex., NBU-1012 discharge circuit).

Flash lamp power supply

For partial discharge during the time t, the discharge circuit transfers energy E from the capacitor bank to the lamp, the voltage on which goes down from U0 to Ueop

Peak current through the flashlamp during the pulse Ipeak should not exceed some limit (1kA for our FLD-4U)

If (Uo-Ueop)/Uo less than 5%, one assume the pulse shape is rectangular