New Discharge Circuit

New Discharge circuit NBU-0808 with simmer from OEM Tech

…New Discharge Circuit NBU-0808 has been developed. It provides up to 800V quasy-rectangular voltage pulses on a flashlamp and a simmer current between pulses.

The module forms quasi-rectangular pulses on a flashlamp using energy stored in external capacitor bank. It also provides simmer current during the interval between pulses. By default, NBU-0808 includes capabilities both for serial and external triggering.

The NBU-0808 discharge circuit is a bit simplified and less power module than the NBU-1012, but it has more attractive price. The module includes IGBT, its driver, protective circuits, simmer and trigger circuits and controls. It also contains a fan for active cooling.

The NBU-0808 is not a stand-alone solution. For proper operation it requires capacitor charging power supply and capacitor bank, an external control device to form the pulses, external +24 V DC power supply, as well as some minor parts (see also the picture below).

nbu-0808 discharge circuit connection to flashlamp