Pockels cell drivers range by OEM Tech

Pockels cell drivers are a kind of special high-voltage sources, nanosecond pulsed electric field (nsPEF) generators, optimized for operation with capacitive-type of loads, designed to produce a fast-switching voltage pulses to control the birefringence of an electro-optical crystal for manipulating the polarization state of light passing through. By this way, one obtains a voltage-controlled wave plate and a possibility to change optical system parameters.

OEM Tech Pockels cell drivers come in various configurations to accommodate different requirements and specifications. These drivers provide high-voltage pulses or continuous voltage signals to the Pockels cell, enabling precise control over its electro-optic properties. Drivers are designed to generate voltages within the required range, which can vary depending on the specific Pockels cell being used. Fast rise and fall times allow for quick modulation of the Pockels cell’s properties, enabling faster switching or modulation speeds. Our Pockels cell drivers support different pulse width (durations) and repetition rates (frequencies) to meet the operational requirements for electro-optic Q switches, pulse pickers, cavity dumping, regenerative amplifier control. We offer various control interfaces, such as analog voltage inputs, digital interfaces (e.g., TTL or RS-232) or computer-based control software. The choice of interface depends on the driver model.

The most of our devices are bipolar when an output pulse voltage U is formed by applying +U/2 to positive output wire and –U/2 to negative. Exception is unipolar QBU-nano and switches HVSW-03 and -04 with alternate polarity of pulses. The pulse forming circuits of drivers are based on full-bridge topology (MHz rate switches HVSW-03 and -04), or a half-bridge concept (other drivers). All given performance values are valid for continuous mode operation, for burst mode (short pulse sequences separated by pauses) they rise sometimes twice.

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