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NBD-0505-PWM discharge circuit


  • Discharge circuit for flashlamp operation


  • Flashlamp voltage - up to 500 V
  • Flashlamp current - up to 500 A
  • Pulse width - from 0.5 ms to 100 ms
  • Max. average power - 2 kW


Download user manual (0.8MB)

NBD-0505-PWM discharge circuit is designed for simplification of solid-state laser systems development. It is intended for use in high power IPL and long pulse Nd:YAG, KTP, Alexandrite laser systems and utilizes PWM (pulse-width modulation) technology. The module forms rectangular or quasi-rectangular pulses on a flashlamp (using energy stored in an external capacitor bank) and provides simmer current during the interval between pulses.

The NBD-0505-PWM consists of IGBT, its driver, protective circuits, integrated inductance coil (80 uH) and small capacitor bank (~ 1 mF / 800 V) as well as simmer and trigger circuits, discharge resistors and controls. It also contains a fan for active cooling.

The module has two outputs by default, one is for PWM operations, the other is for free-discharge operations (can not be used simultaneously). As an option, it is possible to make one universal output for both free-discharge and PWM operations, realized as operating regimes in this case.

The flashlamp operating frequency and pulse duration is to be varied by +5 V TTL signal from an external control device applied to the respective pin.

By default, NBD-0505-PWM utilizes serial triggering method in both channels (external triggering option is available on request).

The unique feature of NBD-0505-PWM is advanced current control provided by PWM technology, which makes true rectangular pulses possible (see the picture below for a typical waveform).


Let us emphasize, NBD-0505-PWM is not a stand-alone solution. For proper operation it requires capacitor charging power supply and capacitor bank, an external control device, external +24 V DC power supply, as well as other minor parts and controls (see also the picture below).



Low voltage
+24 V DC
High voltage
Capacitor bank connection
Note: module already has ~ 1 mF / 800 V capacitor bank

Output #1 (PWM):

Max. voltage
500 V
Max. current
500 A
Max. average power
2 kW
Pulse width
0.5 ms to 100 ms
Embedded inductance coil
80 uH

Output #2 (Free discharge):

Max. voltage
800 V
Max. current
800 A
Max. average power
2 kW
Pulse width
50 us to 10 ms (other on request)

Simmer parameters:

up to 300 V
Open circuit voltage
about 1500 V
300-800 mA (500 mA by default)

Triggering parameters:

Triggering method
Serial only by default
Parallel or both on request
10 kV / ~160mJ negative to LAMP-
Parallel, on request
Pulse width
~1 us
Restrike rate
a few Hz (automatically adjusted)


Operation temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (LxWxH)
275x260x145 mm
9.0 kg
    On request the next options are available:
  • High power / current / voltage IGBT with extended parameters
  • Digital RS-232 / RS-485 interface
  • Different cables
  • Different simmer and/or triggering parameters


NBD-0505-PWM discharge circuit with two outputs - one for true-rectangular pulses (PWM), the other for quasi-rectangular pulses (Free discharge)


NBU-0505-PWM discharge circuit with one output, but two regimes of operations, one with true-rectangular pulses (PWM), the other with quasi-rectangular pulses (Free discharge)

Download user manual (0.8MB)