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FLD-4U flashlamp driver


  • Flashlamp driving (lasers and IPL)


  • Input 230 V AC (110-230 V AC on request)
  • Up to 3.5 kW output power
  • Up to 1350 V max. output voltage
  • Variable pulse width and repetition rate (max. 100 Hz)
  • Partial discharge scheme (complete discharge on request)
  • Touchscreen based user interface + RS-232 machine interface
  • Integrated Pockels cell driver as an option
  • Ability to drive up to four flashlamps (option)

Download user manual (490kB)

FLD-4U is a family of high-power flashlamp drivers for pulsed flashlamp pumped solid-state lasers such as Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Alexandrite, etc. and other pulsed lighting, particularly IPL.

FLD-4U drivers are all-in-one solution, they include all the necessary subsystems: control board, capacitor bank, capacitor charging power supply, simmer supply and discharge circuit (discharge circuits). The drivers are able to:

  • charge a capacitor bank up to defined value,
  • provide initiating flash voltage pulses with required width and repetition rate (in internal synchronization mode) or with required width (in external synchronization mode),
  • provide a simmer arc during the interval between pulses,
  • set up user-defined delay between output signals to flashlamp and synchro pulse.

Optionally, we produce FLD-4U with already incorporated Pockels cell driver, in this case the next parameters are also under FLD-4U control:

  • voltage on the Pockels cell, value and turning on/off,
  • user-defined delay between Pockels cell driver switching and pulse to flashlamp,
  • a period between individual pulses in a pulse train during Q-switch operation mode (as option).

FLD-4U is offered with one or two output channels, and up to two connected in series flashlamps could be attached to every output. So, each FLD-4U module is able to drive up to four flashlamps.

Drivers are 19''-rack mounted, with 4U height and ~400 mm depth.

All the important parameters (output voltage, pulse width, pulse repetition rate and others) could be set up via front panel user interface (7'' colour touch screen display) and RS-232 machine interface.

FLD-4U flashlamp driver for laser software

For figuring out pulse energy to the lamp, peak current, voltage on a lamp at the end of pulse, please, referr to our calculator page


230 V AC (110-230 V AC on request)


Number of driven flashlamps
1 or 2 (outputs aren't independent and can work with identical parameters only)
Output type
pulsed, variable pulse width
partial discharge, quasi-rectangular pulse shape
Max. output voltage
450/700/900 V (other on request)
Max. output power
1.75/2.0/3.5 kW
Pulse width
0.1-20 ms (other on request)
Repetition rate
1-50 Hz (other on request)


overvoltage, overheating,
flashlamp breakdown, interlock, etc
forced air (built-in fan)
Simmer supply
serial or parallel
Capacitor charger
PCP-17, PCA-20 or two PCP-17, connected in parallel
Embedded capacitor bank
28000 uF / 450 V, or
10000 uF / 700 V, or
7000 uF / 900 V (other on request)
External capacitor bank
extension slot
- 7'' display, touch panel
- RS-232 (full control)
- 1x synchro input
- 2x synchro outputs
- 1x power input
- 1x or 2x flashlamp outputs
- 1x capacitor bank extension slot
- 1x footswitch/fingerswitch connector
- 1x interlock-door connector


Operation temperature
0 … +40 °C
Storage temperature
-20 … +60 °C
0 ... 90%, non-condensing


Size (WxDxH)
500x380x172 mm
10-12 kg (in dependence on configuration)

A lot of options is available:

  • number of outputs - one of two channel modifications (although channels aren't independent)
  • different output voltages (up to 1350 V)
  • different output powers (up to 3500 W)
  • different parameters adjustment ranges
  • serial or parallel triggering
  • interfaces - display/touchscreen based user interface is supplied by default
  • Pockels cell driver as an option
  • modifications with complete discharge could be discussed

Besides drivers can be equipped with external capacitor banks units with the possible capacitances up to:
- 112000 uF / 450 V
- 80000 uF / 700 V
- 28000 uF / 900 V

FLD-4U flashlamp driver for laser

Since FLD-4U is a very flexible configured product, a typical procedure of ordering looks like described below:

  1. Download and read the user manual
  2. Let us know all the essential parameters of the flashlamp and flashlamp driver, namely:
    - flashlamp type, datasheet or drawing, filling, arc length, bore, K0
    - working regime/regimes - pulse voltage, pulse width, pulse repetition rate
    - other requirements - to capacitor bank capacitance, to voltage droop during the pulse, to interfaces, synchronizations and so on
  3. Get our confirmation and place your order

Some standard configurations:

2 output channels,
maximal output voltage 450 V,
maximal output power 3.5 kW (2 pcs PCP-17-450V-PD),
embedded capacitor bank 28000 uF,
7'' display/touch panel user interface
2 output channels,
maximal output voltage 700 V,
maximal output power 3.5 kW (2 pcs PCP-17-700V-PD),
embedded capacitor bank 10000 uF,
7'' display/touch panel user interface
2 output channels,
maximal output voltage 900 V,
maximal output power 3.5 kW (2 pcs PCP-17-900V-PD),
embedded capacitor bank 7000 uF,
7'' display/touch panel user interface

Download user manual (490kB)