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LSCB control board


  • Flashlamp driving (lasers and IPL)

Controlled devices and functions

  • One capacitor charger of PCA-series
  • One or two NBU-1012 discharge circuits (four channel version is available on request)
  • One Pockels cell driver of QBU-series
  • Full set of minor features (IDC, footswitch, synchro input and outputs)
  • RS-232 or RS-485 machine interface, PC software

Download user manual for LSCB controller board and PC software (1 Mb)

LSCB is a control board, developed to simplify the design and use of flashlamp drivers based on power modules by OEM Tech. It provides a possibility for user to set and change an output voltage value for capacitor charger and Pockels cell driver, allows to form the output pulses for discharge circuit(s) and Pockels cell driver with user-defined delays and to vary other parameters. The output signals could be synchronized either internally or externally.

By default, LSCB controls single or dual-channel laser or IPL system with average power from 1 kW to 4 kW level. Four-channel version of LSCB specially designed for high power multi-channel Holmium (CTH:YAG) systems and having 8 kW maximum power capability is available on request.

Base interface to connect LSCB to PC or master control board is RS-232. Simple PC software is supplied together with the module. RS-485 interface, as well as other variations, are available on request.

There are several modifications of LSCB in dependence on output connectors and application.

  • "4 channel" version - for high power multi-channel Holmium (CTH:YAG) systems
  • "PWM" version - is suitable to work with the NBD-0505-PWM
  • "Pico" version - for picosecond laser systems (for example, Nd:YAG)
  • "RF" version - designed for RF machine with handheld applicators
  • "Diode" version - for diode machine with handheld applicators

Download user manual for LSCB controller board and PC software (1 Mb)