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QBY-4050 energy-effective Pockels cell driver


  • Q-switching, pulse slicing
  • Battery powered equipment, some LIDAR systems


  • Input 24 V DC
  • Output voltage up to 5 kV
  • Power consumption < 10 W for 5 pF load in 50 kHz and 4 kV regime
  • < 40 ns both rise/fall time (< 20 ns on request)
  • Performance 50 kHz @ 4 kV
  • Compact dimensions – 112x108x25 mm

Download datasheet (380 kB)

QBY-4050 is a high-effective Pockels cell driver by OEM Tech, which provides quasi-rectangular bipolar voltage pulses (40 - 1000 ns long) on the outputs to control the birefringence of an electro-optical crystal to change the polarization state of light passing through. It was designed as a compact model with an extremely low power consumption, which was a requirement for a battery-powered system.

Maximal power is not exceeded 10 W (for 5 pF load in 50 kHz and 4 kV regime). Output voltage is up to 5 kV, max. rep. rate is up to 50 kHz and is strongly depends on load capacitance (we recommend therefore to use the shortest possible cables and choose a Pockels cell with lower capacitance). The driver provides rise and fall times about 30-40 ns long. It is possible to adjust pulse amplitude by analog input signal and pulse width by external LVDS signal.

The module requires +24 V DC power supply and pulse generator to set an operating frequency and pulse width.

Please, note that by bipolar device an output pulse voltage U is formed by applying +U/2 to positive output wire and –U/2 to negative.

The module was designed to work in push-up (= normally off) scheme, when a base voltage level equals to zero. Non-periodic pulses are also possible, set by pulse generator.

The module is very sensitive to load capacitance. In order to keep its perfomance close to datasheet values, one needs to minimize the load capacitance, numbers less than 20 pF are appreciated.


+24 V DC
4 A max

HV Output:

Pulse amplitude
Pulse-to-pulse stability
< 1%
Pulse width
40-1000 ns (other on request)
Pulse rise time 1
< 40 ns (< 20 ns on request)
Pulse fall time 1
< 40 ns (< 20 ns on request)
Max. repetition rate 1
up to 50 kHz max at 4 kV
< 0.2 ns
Delay time
< 20 ns
Load capacitance
5 pF recommended, 20 pF maximum


Operation temperature
-40 … +60 °C
driver should be cooled through the bottom side


Size (LxWxH)
112x108x25 mm
0.2 kg
1) depends on output voltage and setup (i.e., on load capacitance).
Feel free to contact us if your needs are different from the specifications above.

Download datasheet (380 kB)